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THE RING ROAD IS HAPPENING    For those of you considering starting a Land Bank and investing in land you can roll over, now is the time and the time is to buy it on the outskirts of the ring road before it is complete, completion will see land frontage prices escalate.  Buy today, sell later.    The ring road will come in at Chirundu, take you through the Lower Zambezi national park coming up through the escarpment to Leopards hill road where it will continue.  The Palibana road will link the Leopards hill road to the Great East road.   Another road going behind the airport will link to the Ngwerere road taking you through to The Great North road.   


Leopards hill road is tarred a lot of the way, Lower Zambezi, the bridge is in and raod is tarred  to a point.  The mammoth job here is the construction of the road through the treacherous escarpment.  This could hold the final completion up .    The Palibana road is currently under progress as is the Ngwerere raod.   Numerous roads linking Lilayi and Makeni to Woodlands, Leopards hill and Independence are already in place, however with no signage at all, you can get totally lost trying to find your way round.


The road from the Great East road to Ngwerere road at the Engen road, bringing youout at the well know Kalimbe croc farm, is now underway as is the Chifwemwe road.

Author: Janet Irwin

Submitted 21 May 18 / Views 3178