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Good morning all

So here we all are, another election behind us, with a few contentious issues still to be resolved in High court.  With all this going on you may ask yourself,  what is the investment climate really like in Zambia, low copper price, contentious issues as a result of our elections,  a country where we still have a power crisis and daily loadshedding.   Regardless of the above, which will in the long run settle down, because Zambians are good natured people, we need investment.   Lets not focus on copper, the country needs investment in so many other areas.  I personally feel this countries wealth should come from its agriculture and tourism sectors, we have always focused on copper but never really looked at the wide sector, now is the time to do this.  We need manufacturing companies so in the long term we can become self sufficient.  We have a large retail sector with more and more investment coming into this area, and more and more shopping malls, but what about manufacturing?  Did you know in the 80 s we were still manufacturing Fiats in Livingstone, we also had our own textile factories, canning factories.   Lets bring alot more of this sort of thing back.   And agriculture, a country with huge opportunities and fertile land to feed the nation and export.  Look after our farmers, give them incentives to produce more.  And Tourism, our magnificent game parks, waterfalls, Victoria falls, Lakes, we have it all.  And of course the energy sector , where our neighbouring countries are also experiencing massive power problems, there is also an opportunity to export.   With the rapid growth of the country and investment we have seen over the last couple of years, we also need to address the medical and educational side , for the whole nation, from basic schools to private schools, same with hospitals.   So I urge you to look at our country with a positive attitude, Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries you many have.



Author: Janet Irwin

Submitted 19 Aug 16 / Views 7901